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Pastor's Blog
Oct 15

Written by: Dan Robelen
10/15/2010 10:20 AM


Wow, we had terrific revival services with Bro. Bill Behrens last week, didn’t we? The final count was that we had four professions of faith, several assurances of salvation, and too many other decisions to keep track of. If you’re one of those who made decisions, I hope you’ll treasure that moment when you made it and live in it deliberately. Should you stumble in following through on that decision, get up and keep going again – the just man falls seven times, but rises up again.
Of course, we know that those salvations and decisions and people being added to the fellowship of the church were not simply the result of some special services or even merely the work of a good preacher. They are the work of the Holy Spirit of God in answer to prayer. If we keep praying in faith and obedience to the Word of God, we can keep expecting to see God answer prayer, save souls, change lives, and build His church. We can continue to be the tools by which He does those things.
So I hope that you’ll join with me in continuing to pray for the mighty working of God for His glory in His church. I hope you’ll join with me in working to that end. If you want a specific goal to pray for now, our next big event of this sort is our missions month in February, culminating in a revival with Bro. Darrell Hayes. We started praying for this revival when the last one with Bro. Hayes ended, and those prayers certainly bore fruit. Let’s start praying now that the Lord will continue to work and that He’ll work in a special way in that revival as well.

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